Obama was first re-election yet registered 4 evenly matched opponents

Term of more than half of Obama wholesale intends to run for reelection the next U.S. president, which Washington has long been a “well-known secret.” Spent two years at hard time, U.S. employment has boosted economic data recently, the U.S. Dow Jones index is hit the high points since 2008. Shareholders through this wind, there is news that Obama will be the fastest in today’s (4) formally announced the U.S. presidential election in 2012 fox racing hats. China Radio International reporter Wang Shanshan in the United States reported this morning.

Reporter: Obama to run for re-election in 2012, which is known to do, he will soon be officially released the news. Associated Press news that Obama red bull hats will be this week, the first 4 local time, which is Monday, formally submitted to the Federal Election Commission campaign records, and will be in the form of a statement by mail and outside the formal public announcement. Registration to the Federal Election Commission campaign, Obama monster energy hats opened a campaign can raise campaign funds. Obama’s fund-raising ability is very impressive team in the 2008 election, has raised about 750 million U.S. dollars in campaign funds. However, the Obama campaign team said the work of preparation and fund-raising campaign team is mainly to expand, Obama will focus on the government. Expected next spring, after he released the Republican candidates will participate in, efforts to increase the campaign.

Latest polls show Obama’s support rate was only 42%, which is snapback hats the lowest level in two years of his administration. Analysts said the U.S. economic problems and Obama’s foreign policy, especially the current military action against Libya, his support rate is the main reason for a record low. However, public opinion, Obama in the coach handbags Democratic Party will not encounter the challenges of competition. And compared the Republican side, he still has a great advantage. Several promising Republican candidate has not yet formally announced his candidacy, and Obama is now no one is evenly matched opponent. The general guess is that all the outgoing Ambassador Jon Huntsman (microblogging), but the support within the Republican Huntsman rate of only 1%.

Looking back in 2008, Barack nba jerseys Obama used to be a lot of Americans are unfamiliar name. But with the “change” faces, Obama successful ascent. Fleeting time more than two years, Obama has the body of halo stars gradually fade. U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the road is still difficult; Although the United States walked out of the economic crisis, but still staggering; plus the latest situation in Libya, which could help Obama re-election? CCTV reporter Xing Sijia nfl jerseys coverage.
Two years ago, January 20th, Obama was sworn in as the 56th President of the United States. Today, more than half of term of office to seek re-election this Washington “open secret” in the early morning has been from the former White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, “blurted out.”

Robert Gibbs: In order polo tshirts to allow the economy back on track, we have already made some achievements, I think the president intends to continue to make achievements … … he may be asked voters to put him into the White House.

In fact, these two days early spring, the U.S. has no news from the chill levis jeans of early spring. The first day of the new quarter, U.S. stocks closed higher, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index hit the highest since the summer of 2008 the level of one of the reasons is the boost in employment data. The slow start can help the economy Obama’s re-election of the road? Deputy director of China Institute of International Guoxian Gang believes nike air max that the road to the Obama re-election economic card is more important than everything.

Guo Xiangang: certainly this is, Obama can not be re-elected for other problems are not important, the key is can the U.S. economy begins to tiffany earrings recover. Obama did everything revolves around the economic development, for example, Obama visit to China, Latin America, he is to be signed with these regional and national contracts, orders, create employment opportunities for the United States.

Perhaps for the win over the people, paving the way Obama’s re-election may have already begun. The U.S. military announced the April 2 start rolex watches of air attacks on Libya, the U.S. military retreat, to withdraw the implementation of the air mission in the Libyan attack aircraft.

As president for two years, the Obama administration in power is not difficult to feel all the fine-tuning the process.

Guo Xiangang: He boss belts did it focus on next year’s general election, then President-elect Barack Obama opposed the Iraq war is the name of the brand. He is now the Libyan war, the people will say that he inconsistent. In it he made some adjustments. In addition, two years since he came to power, foreign policy and domestic policy are constantly adjusted. In domestic policy, healthcare policy has been strong opposition from Republicans, and Republicans in the negotiations. In foreign policy, when he came to power is an ambitious, delivered a speech at Cairo University, to promote beats by dre Arab-Israeli peace talks, but actually doing it, because of the constraints of the Jewish lobby, he had also adjusted in peace talks position and slow down the pace.

Another point of concern, the United States increasingly positive economic signals showing behind the United States is difficult to hide the results burberry ties of two years, economic stimulus, which also have an ongoing policy of quantitative easing the pain caused to others, Father of the Euro recently Mondale interview also touched on this issue.

Mondale: I think the stability of the financial crisis is not caused by the unstable exchange rate, if the dollar will bring in international oil prices and unstable prices of raw materials instability, such as the price of oil has fallen from montblanc pens 148 U.S. dollars per barrel 35 dollars, the exchange rate change is a huge reason for the chaos rather than solution. From the root of the problem, it is necessary to maintain exchange rate stability.

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Exclusive connection Mozilla Foundation Executive Director: Open to innovation

Mozilla Foundation Executive wholesale Director Mark Thurman (Mark Surman) Sina Technology has accepted the dialogue to open source, browser and mobile networks, and other issues answered questions.

The following is the fox racing hats interview summary:

Q: before joining Mozilla, you have worked in Ubuntu. These years you have been the project for open source and contribute red bull hats to non-profit. Why are you fond of open source?

A: The most attracts me is the atmosphere of this unique innovation, which is only monster energy hats open to the community in order to understand. If you take a close approach – in a single company or government laboratory work – can only come into contact with a few ideas. The use of open mode, anyone can make creative, you can learn more creativity. Faster innovation, and would spawn a number of surprising new ways.

Q: Open source snapback hats and non-profit project from the point of view, Mozilla has achieved some success, it is still on the rise among, or started to fall? Free open source software and commercial software related?

A: As far as I know, open up soon, the whole open source model as well.

Firefox is still growing, not only users, but coach handbags also including community size and number of languages. Core Internet infrastructure and web site is still mainly rely on Linux, Apache and other open source software. We see the growth of Android soon.

In addition, we can see nba jerseys through into new areas of open source to grow. Open source textbook, open source art and open source science.

Q: Drumbeat Mozilla project will focus on expanding into more areas, and nfl jerseys to remind people that it is not only engaged in the development of the browser. Drumbeat can explain in detail the blueprint? These ideas come from? Drumbeat what will promote in China?

A: The real polo tshirts purpose is to accelerate the open source model in education, arts and science popularization. For example, by the same large-scale collaboration can make Firefox to provide better and cheaper textbooks, learning from each other and explore new ways, and even new ways of mutual help test and prove our skills.

Mozilla wants to help people levis jeans to embrace these opportunities, but also to ensure the standardization of HTML5 and other open network technologies into them.

We hope that the establishment nike air max of such links with Drumbeat: will be open mind and open source technology and education, artistic and scientific innovation in the field linked.

Q: Do you think the World Wide Web browser will play what role in the future? Mozilla started to pay attention as more areas are in a tiffany earrings way that suggests the importance of the browser on the decline?

A: The browser in the future long-term development of the World Wide Web play center.

Do not forget, the browser is still “you” the best representative of rolex watches the World Wide Web. Points of view, it is your representative on the World Wide Web or identity, it will follow you everywhere.

With our increasing boss belts use of social networking and e-commerce site with a trusted agent to protect our personal information is very important. Firefox will gradually play that role – so you better control of your online information.

Q: mobile networks is a hot topic in China, this beats by dre will affect the development of Firefox? Mozilla in the mobile space have any special plans?

A: The mobile Firefox is very important. Firefox 4 this month, Android mobile version of Firefox is very good. However, the move is the essence of cross-platform – from desktop to mobile phones, home to the workplace from a seamless transfer.

Part of which is to burberry ties carry your digital identity. Synchronization with Firefox, you can carry bookmarks and browsing history, it is easy to transfer from desktop to mobile devices. No matter what, “you” are the same person. With Firefox, you can now do this: a seamless user experience across devices.

The other part is a cross-platform Web application – just as we now see on the mobile phone platform applications, but can run on any modern Internet access. You no longer need a separate device for each purchase or download the application, as long montblanc pens as the time for application, you can use on all devices, including mobile phones, laptops and desktops. Mozilla is actively developing this concept, you will soon see.

Q: Do you think that IE is the most powerful opponent of Firefox? Does China have a special environment: though here, who does not use IE too much, but there are a lot of people use other kernel-based local IE browser. In general, we will call these browsers IE clone.

A: It depends on where you are – but in the Chinese market, IE, and IE clone is clearly a strong competitor.

For us, the nearest big problem is actually more network, rather than the browser. Whether people use to view HTML5 and other modern web browser technology? In many places, the answer is “no” – they are using outdated older browsers, it will inhibit the web developers and web development. This is every network and browser companies need to address the problem.

Q: Recently, many companies are trying to launch the same as Apple’s App Store app store. We found that Mozilla has a similar plan. Mozilla applications store your view?

A: We thought the relationship with the application store is not too much, but to create an open Web application ecosystem. The question now is, only a few enterprises have applications store, they can only be sold in support of a platform application. We want to create an environment where everyone can develop Web applications, Web applications and even stores, supports all standard network using HTML5 and other technology equipment.

This is what we are developing: Web applications and store technology. We hope that this will create a network to be the world toward prosperity, an open competitive environment.

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The Fed kept the benchmark interest rate and bond purchase plans unchanged

Multi-hit by the wholesale global experience, the Fed announced its benchmark interest rate 15 at historic lows and continue to perform the same bond purchase plan, the impact fox racing hats of high oil prices are expected to be temporary.

Integrated Media red bull hats on March 15 reported that the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (Federal Reserve, referred to as the Fed) to maintain easy monetary policy unchanged, the market by a series of major global shocks, the beginning of stabilization in the pace of U.S. economic monster energy hats recovery may be disrupted.

Federal Open Market snapback hats to keep the benchmark lending rate between 0 to 0.25% in the same, the Committee since December 2008 and has since kept rates at that level. Meanwhile, the Fed did not change the 6,000 billion U.S. dollars of treasury bonds to buy programs.

Fed officials on the 15th day after the coach handbags monetary policy meeting, said the U.S. job outlook slightly better, while consumer spending has been further improved.

Officials also nba jerseys said the strong rise in international commodity prices to bring upward pressure on prices. They also said, Fed will closely monitor the inflation situation of development, it is expected that the impact of high oil prices would be nfl jerseys temporary.

While Fed officials did not directly mention the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, but this devastating natural disaster facing polo tshirts the U.S. economy has become another potential risk.

And the January meeting is different, Fed officials are not to promote low inflation and low unemployment dual goals of progress described levis jeans as “disappointingly slow.” But in view of cautious economic outlook, Fed officials agreed to continue the implementation of government bond purchase program, and remains committed to a long period of time in the short-term interest rates close to zero.

Fed noted that consumer spending is still rising, it seems nike air max the U.S. labor market is gradually improving. The United States in February last year in December the unemployment rate from 9.4% to 8.9%, but economic tiffany earrings growth is unlikely in coming months strong enough to make further substantial decline in unemployment levels.

Compared to January, Fed’s statement on inflation adjusted slightly to reflect some recent price index rose slightly. But despite the strong rally in oil rolex watches and food prices and the recent years to reflect the consumer price index is expected to rise, but the Fed said that core inflation is burberry ties “moderate” and reaffirmed the “long-term inflation expectations remain stable.”

Director Kevin boss belts Warsh Fed did not participate in Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, he announced the end of the 3 resigned. Fed by a 7-member Council beat by dre there are two vacancies.

Nobel Prize winner Peter Diamond Fed earlier this month to gain access to the nomination of the Council, but in view of Republican montblanc pens opposition, he may be difficult to achieve this position.

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Lori Miller, 32 points, missed a key global solar rocket the critical situation of negative

NBA regular season to continue. Rockets usher in the second match back to back away, guest challenges Phoenix Suns. Today, war is a rocket montblanc pens and the sun from the first battle after the transaction, but the “winner” truce Scola, Rockets 110-113 loss to the sun, shot at the 7th consecutive failure of the critical situation in the playoffs.

Lori cut the first section burberry ties connected to the 13 points long shot

Scola location replace Jordan – Hill, won the penalty that is opening the first attack, but two free throws, then sharp Geli scored by Bulan; replace Frye Zeyi strong beat by dre position Warrick dunk cut points for the Suns, But this is only the first 5 waves of the sun the only offensive goals, along with Lori, Budinger connected to the long shot, Rockets 9-2 start.

Multi-point scoring games boss belts in-depth step by step into the sun, play, Lowry became the highlight of the rocket, the first section have been launched into the middle of their 3-pointers, led the Rockets 20-14 to establish superiority. The first section of Lowry scored 13 points. The first section of the Warrick had 14 points, points difference and help reduce rolex watches the sun. The first section of the Rockets 26-24 lead.

Dragic bullying boor deported Bush Sun

Bush received after tiffany earrings the first Festival debut of the Miller section of the blocks, sub-paragraph before the holiday contest with Dragic, Bush once again lose out – the firm Dragic made little impact with foul cloth, small cloth in the red Running investment basket Shiyou received Dragic cover. 9 vote only 1 time before the holiday in the sun, and another flow nike air max, behind the foul Pietrus was convicted after a technical foul, with the windup walk away when the referee theory of action, and then was ejected guilty of leading technology, continued to foul up minutes after the rocket 36-26 to establish a double-digit advantage.

Times after the holiday levis jeans section of the sun will eventually force, Grant – Hill and Carter connected to the formation of 8-0 long shot campaign, once the points deficit to 1 point. Rockets 50-48 halftime lead.

Miller continued to polo tshirts grind the old ball Xianwei

Section front, Lopez connected to the use of concise and 3 goals in the vote, Grant – Hill also hit the long shot, the sun than 60-57. Hayes hit back four times nfl jerseys as offensive layup after another long shot Lori performance, the two sides form a fierce tug of war, the score continued to bite.

With Martin free throw nba jerseys, red basket, the Rockets 76-72 lead. Lowry and Nash continued to utility, the chu in the bucket, difficult to open inside the rocket case, the Miller section of the continuous high level organization of this Festival, one after another to help Patterson, Budinger cut points. Before the end of the third quarter, although Carter hit the long shot, coach handbags the Rockets are still 82-79 lead into the margins.

Carter stormed distal ending loss to the Rockets

Carter and two into the distal anterior long shot. Sun launched by Miller inside defensive weaknesses continue to impact, Patterson is not even a goal to be a rocket up points pillars. Sticking to the closing stages, Carter consecutive monster energy hats jumpers, the leading free-throw contest; rocket up points stagnation, Lori, Martin did not even vote, Carter in the distal re-entry jumper 1 minute 58 seconds, the sun 104-98 to establish winning situation.

Although the conflict since Lori basket, long shot up points, Steve Nash and even help Warrick dunk, jumper. Half a minute before the end of the game, 3 red bull hats points behind the Rockets a chance to counterattack, but the prequel by Grant Miller – Broken Hill next; Nash 4 free throws in the Sun 112-107 lead. Lowry did not give up re-entry long shot,fox racing hats this Hou Nashi 2 penalty 1 long shot to the Rockets last chance to bet, but unfortunately failed to hit the shot Miller, and ultimately defeated the Rockets 110-113.

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Google will continue to aggressively this year, said vice president of acquisitions: acquisition last year of 48

Google vice president of corporate development David Rahway (David Lawee) said Google will continue to actively seek acquisitions wholesale this year. Last year, Google completed the acquisition of 48 pen, setting the company’s history.

Google acquired last fox racing hats year tried to buy website Groupon, but no success. Google is not the main goal of future acquisitions Groupon larger companies like, but can bring new technology, engineering talent and revenue sources of the small start-ups. However, as the market valuation of more and more entrepreneurial companies, such acquisition of more and more difficult.

However, such difficulties are not worried about Rahway. He said that despite the high valuation of start-ups, but it also reflects the red bull hats valuation of real opportunity. He pointed out that the entrepreneurs, this is “really exciting time.”

Currently, Google will face when the acquisition of start-ups Facebook and Twitter, rivals, and many start-ups can be easily obtained from the monster energy hats hands of venture capital company, which makes them no hurry to find a buyer. LUMA Partners investment bank, general manager of Terence slip plus (Terence Kawaja) said: “The current favorable market environment to enhance the entrepreneurs willing to consider the terms. I think that the healthy functioning of the market signal.”

Google’s acquisition will also coach handbags face antitrust issues. Google is still waiting for the U.S. Justice Department approved the $ 700,000,000 acquisition of ITA Software’s trading, Google hopes to strengthen through the acquisition of the nba jerseys company’s travel search service. In addition, entrepreneurs are also worried about the existence of large companies such as Google bureaucratic problems. Rahway, however, said despite 24,000 employees, but Google is no such problem.

He said: “If you are an entrepreneur, then you came to Google after the start of your career does not end there. Will be targeted, smaller nfl jerseys entrepreneurial team into Google us, we present in this area very successful. “For example, in 2003 Google acquired Applied Semantics. Several of the company’s engineers to help develop Google AdSense ad network, the service is to present an annual Google brings billions of dollars in revenue.

In addition, in 2004 Google acquired polo tshirts Keyhole, then on the launch of the Google Maps service. Shihai Google acquired in 2005 by Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin), a leading company called Android, and then launched Android operating system has been the lead in the smartphone market levis jeans. Rahway, said: “I want there to be 25 Rubin came to Google. Relative to most people, they are willing to invest in the project even longer.”

2008, Google completed nike air max the acquisition of DoubleClick, the deal price is 32 million. DoubleClick’s core team is still working for Google. Since the deal, at the end of the year, Google displays ads in the U.S. market share has reached 12.6%, 9.6% higher than rolex watches the same period last year.

DocVerse co-founder Shienxinha (Shan Sinha), said: “Fortunately, we have autonomy.” He said he was deploying Google boss belts surprised by the rate of products. Rahway, said that Google has 70% of the acquisition is successful. The Google spokesman said earlier that half of the companies in the 12-year history, Google founders acquired companies with more than 2 / 3 is currently still in Google.

However, not all beat by dre entrepreneurs are willing to stay in Google. The two founders of YouTube are now no longer operate the video site, one of the founders even have to leave. Google last year in a 7.5 billion acquisition of AdMob, the company’s executives also left several Google. Informed sources said, AdMob is still growing rapidly in the next 12 to 18 months can produce a 10 billion dollars in revenues.

Rahway since 2008 burberry ties is responsible for Google’s acquisition activities. In 2005, before joining Google, Rahway will be a video game player for a social network sold to Viacom, he himself became a venture capitalist. Rahway, said co-founder of Google Larry Page (Larry Page) to succeed Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) as CEO, after Google’s acquisition montblanc pens strategy will not change.

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Google shares fell below $ 600 for the first time this year by the acquisition of

March 8 morning news, Google stock wholesale quoted at $ 591.66 Monday, at 1.49% drop this year for the first time below $ 600 mark.

Earlier reports said that Google plans to complete this year a record 48 pen acquisition. Google shares the news of a negative impact.

According to reports, Google’s acquisition of this goal is not Groupon Internet giant, but those who can provide new technologies, new talent red bull hats and new sources of income for small start-ups.

Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney (Mark Mahaney) said: “The next two years, Google will maintain 20% to 25% profit growth, rely mainly on mobile phones, cloud computing and online video advertising business. ” He maintains his Google stock $ 750 Price target.

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Five U.S. warships gathered in the Mediterranean do not rule out military intervention in Libya

With the rapid deterioration of the situation in Libya in recent days the U.S. is making determined wholesale efforts to continuously forces to the waters around Victoria, as at present, five U.S. warships gathered in the Mediterranean, the president declared that the United States, including military intervention is being considered, including ” all options “, a great atmosphere of the tower of the wind fox racing hats potential. However, Libya will become a second Iraq it?

The U.S. is still on whether the military intervention against Libya heated debate. Support and opposition is not small, including the military, red bull hats including Defense Secretary Robert Gates cautious about. From the current point of view, the United States will not take large-scale military action against Libya. There are five main reasons:

First, the current U.S. government policy priority is to fight economic and diplomatic strategy is still the world Asia and the Pacific, although the chaos in the Middle East, but hard to monster energy hats change the U.S. strategic posture. In the Middle East, the United States wanted stability and the current focus is on the basis of democracy promotion, not war.

Second, the military coach handbags, the United States have time to open up following the Afghanistan and Iraq after the “third battlefield.” The United States are caught in the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, both the total investment of 15 million and more troops nba jerseys, war funding has exceeded 1 trillion, the United States and then in the interest of converting large-scale military operations.

Moreover, the vast territory nfl jerseys of interest (about 1.76 million square kilometers of land area), 4 times in Iraq (about 44 square kilometers), Afghanistan’s nearly three times (about 65 square kilometers). Territory so large, require a lot of military deployment, even the establishment of no-fly zone, it is very difficult. U.S. Defense Secretary Gates also pointed out that polo tshirts countries like the benefit of this magnitude, set no-fly zone would require a large number of fighters.

Third, the levis jeans Libyan Arab – Islamic identity of the United States fear. For a long time, the U.S. military in Arab countries or Arab countries has always been sensitive to the use of force nike air max, they are often the “base” organizations to use to anti-American.

U.S. troops twice that year against tiffiny earrings Iraq Saudi Arabia, and Arab governments not only to withstand the enormous pressure from the people, but also the deterioration of relations between the U.S. and the Arab world, a “base” organizations to create “9.11” incident, and the United States launched a global “Jihad,” the main rhetoric.

Thus, shortly after taking rolex watches office Jifu Obama delivered a speech in Cairo and vowed to improve relations between the United States and the Islamic world, to end the war in Iraq, public commitment during his tenure will not declare war on the Islamic countries.

Libya’s military intervention now, in fact, open your word boss belts, not only undermine its credibility, will also impact on relations between the U.S. and the Islamic countries.

Fourth, the military intervention could bring many consequences: people turn may prompt the Libyan national, “against external aggression,” a beat by dre re-Qaddafi, a powerful weapon for people, such as Gaddafi has vowed the U.S. will benefit as the U.S. military intervention ” second Vietnam. ”
There are also anti-government factions within the voice against foreign armed intervention, the former Justice Minister Jalil against U.S. military burberry ties intervention, the United States insisted on intervention may prompt a split in anti-government forces; the U.S. military intervention is sweeping across the Middle East may affect the anti-government protests in the region, promoting The shift from the anti-government anti-American and the West.

Fifth, the international community has reached consensus on military intervention. The Council held discussions on this issue yet, the montblanc pens key is to implement the sanctions resolution just adopted. Even within the NATO allies, in addition to the most positive attitude outside the United Kingdom, France, Italy and other countries remain cautious.

In addition, Russia opposes the establishment of no-fly zone and military intervention. The Chinese government stressed that through dialogue and other peaceful means to resolve the crisis, we must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the benefit should be fully listen to and respect for the Arab, African State.

While the U.S. interest to send troops to the fundamental scale can be ruled out, but do not rule out military intervention may be to some extent, the form would be mainly three:

Lee strongly supported the opposition; set no-fly zone, but dominated by the European Union, the United States to help; to Little fixed military targets (such as Gaddafi himself) from the sea and air to launch a military attack or to send small-scale special operations forces

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